Holidays in Saint Cross

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Saint Cross province is in the famous Patagonia. It is on the Argentine side, not on the Chilean.

If you want to plan your holidays there you should determine what type of activity you want to do. It can be split into various categories:


-Know cities

-Do traditional tours


If you do like trekking you should go to The Chalten town (it is 3 hours from The Calafate) and stay there your whole holiday. There were like 20 different ways to do trekking. The bad part is that the weather is awful: there is a lot of wind all the time and there is no good mobile phone signal (they only have got service with Movistar and Tuenti), this means that if you need to receive a SMS from your bank to authorize a withdraw and you use Claro, it will be hell for you. But who cares? If you do like trekking, you‘ll be happy.

Walk in cities

The Calafate is a really small city (not as small as The Chalten) but you can stay there a lot of days doing different things: go to lunch and dinner to a lot of restaurants, taste different meals with patagonic lamb and go to a good hotel with a great restaurant.

There you can contract different tours with a lot of companies: you can do a safari, go to the glaciers, do a kayak activity, and much more.

But if you stay there for more than 2 weeks I recommend you to go to other big cities such as Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia.

Do traditional tours

If you like to do tourist tours every day you can stay in The Calafate and contract the ones that you like, they have got like 100 different activities. There are dangerous (eg: do trekking on the glaciers) and easy (go for a safari)


If you like big cities and you value good Internet connectivity and having a lot of ATMs close to you, don’t stay a lot of days in The Chalten (or bring all the money in cash).

There are a lot of adventures to do in The Calafate and you can go to a close city to know more about the province.

How to deal with smart contacts coding for the first time?

What is a smart contract?

It is a piece of code that executes in the blockchain. It is useful when you want to have a decentralized application, for example, to avoid censorship.

How can help me this article?

This short guide is recommended for programmers how want started with smart contracts and wants to do small tests like a ‘Hello world’. You should know a little bit what is a blockchain network, a wallet and a smart contract.

How to start coding?

The first step in a new technology is to create our first “Hello world”. If you would like to do a test you can check this tutorial out (Spanish). You can use the example that it shows on the Remix or clone the same from Github.

How to get eth on a test network?

You can try to use the same network as the video, RInkeby, but it didn’t work for me! Therefore we will use Ropsten.

First, enter to and paste your address (which it needs to be from that network)

Second, hold on for a few minutes and you will receive some eth!

Visual Studio Code

Let’s say that you have got the code done with that youtube video example, but it codes all of it in a web IDE! We want to code it in Visual Studio Code!

First of all, you need to install the plug-in “Ethereum Remix”.

Second, you need to install Ganache that it should act as a blockchain to development:

npm install ganache@alpha –global

Third, run it:


Ready! You’ll see something like the following screenshot, pay attention to the port at the bottom:

Fourth, put the Ganache address in the input box and deploy it:

You are ready to code smart contracts on localhost and develop incredible things on the blockchain!

How do you deal with adversity?

I like this Jordan Belfort’s speech although I dont agree with all of it

In your life, you will have a lot of adversity situations. A lot of times they will break your heart, you will lose a job that sounds great on the first day, you will fail at a business and projects, you will fail subjects in College, and more.

You need use to live with negative situations because they will be “the bread of every day” as we say in Argentina when something is common to happen every day.

My better strategy to don’t fall into a depression in every fail is to use the failure as an engine to boost the perseverance to continue trying to get success.

Did your girlfriend cheat you on your best friend? Date with 10 girls in the same week.

Don’t you like your job? Apply at 20 jobs a week.

Don’t you get along well with your boss? Try to move to another project in your company.

Did you lose money in your investments? Educate yourself.

Homemade investments

Personal investments are a difficult subject full of myths and disinformation. In this article, we will figure the difficult subjects out and explain them in easy words.

How to start?

First, you need to be educated. Choose some easy books from the library and learn about the different markets: stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc.

Don’t start with the difficult subjects. First, choose one with a general explanation about investments. Try to understand the general aspects before having a deep knowledge of a specific market.

What market should I choose?

You need to choose a market to invest in. Your choice depends on the type of investor that you are. If you are a conservative one you can choose commodities or bonds, otherwise, if you are a risky person you can choose cryptocurrencies.

I can choose more of one? Yes, and it is a recommendation. For example, if you are a conservative one, you can ponderate your risky investments at 10% or 5% of all your capital in a risky market (for example stocks or cryptocurrencies), and put 90% in a conservative one (eg. bonds).

Psychological part

You need to relax and enjoy your investment. It is not a good deal if you are nervous or anxious about your winning and losses. Therefore is important: the ponderings that you use for risky trades and use them to be exposed to the risk in a proportion that you feel comfortable.

How to deal with English interviews as a software developer

Did you arrange an appointment with a recruiter? First of all, congratulations! This is the first step. In this article you will receive a lot of advice about how to deal with interviews in IT.

Types of interviews

There are a few different interviews. Usually you will have first the Human Resources interview where you will talk about your current and previous experiences, expectations on your next job, but always without any technical detail.

Usually the next one is the technical interview, in which you will talk about specific details from the technology in the job that you are applying for.

You do need to know before the interview what kind it will be. You can just ask the recruiter or better search in Linkedin the profile from the people that are in the appointment. If the person is a programmer, there is a 99% probability that he will ask you technical questions. If he is a team leader or project manager, it will probably be similar to a HR person.

What I should do?

This is a remote interview, but you need to look well as a normal one. Therefore, brush your hair and use a pretty t-shirt or shirt and the most important thing: practice the normal questions that the recruiters ask in that type of interviews, but first of all figure it out if the interview will be a technical one or a HR. If it is a technical one, try to learn the most important things about that technology and ask your friends that use it what questions the recruiters asked them. Maybe it sounds weird: but the companies ask similar questions.

What I shouldn’t do?

Never talk bad about your coworkers, bosses or companies. It sounds rude and they will think that you will do the same to them.

Don’t be nervous: a few times I felt like that and I wasn’t sure if I had been relaxed I would have passed the interviews.


In my experience there are a lot of latin american recruiters and that kind of person starts the interview in Spanish and asks you only a few questions in English. But you need to figure out from what country he is from, if he is from Bielorusia, be sure it will be in English.

Top 3 Most common questions to test your English:

Do you have any hobbies?

Can you tell me about the projects that you were working on?

Why are you looking for a new job?


You don’t know how the interview will be, but if you study the most common questions, you will be more prepared. You will increase your success rate if you prepare for it.

Don’t end your preparation only with this article, look for others to study better.

Normal people and their personal finances

When we are thinking about normal people (workers, auto-employers or professionals) and their money we have big questions: why don’t they have more money? Why can’t they retire earlier? Why don’t they know anything about how to use money to improve their economic situation and future? All these questions have a common answer: financial education.


In accounting all the things that you own are an “asset”, and they count to your richness. But in rich people’s lives, they are “passives”: all the things that don’t give you money are passives and only the things that give you a benefit are assets. For example: your home is an asset or a passive? You have to pay the mortgage and take care of it, that is only one thing: expenses. If you buy a house and rent it and you can earn money from that, it is an asset. The general problem is that the people believe that they are richer when they have more things to show off to their friends.


In rich people’s heads there are two types of debt: good and bad. The latter is when you take a debt only for fun, for example to buy a new car to impress girls. The former is when that debt helps you to create a new source of income, for example, if you use that car to do deliveries of your business and it increases your sales, it is a good debt.


This subject is very easy, but it is so easy that most people can’t understand it. Savings are your income minus your expenses. To manage your savings, you need to estimate your monthly expenses and think how much you can save. But, why do I want to save money? That isn’t fun. Do you want to enjoy your life? Well, you need to save money to invest it. That will give you a better life.


In the financial world there are a lot of possibilities to invest your money and it is very dangerous because all have risks. Therefore you need to investigate a lot before entering an investment.

When you generate incomes from an investment you have 2 types of earnings:

-Capital incomes: it is when you have something and you sell it. For example, if you bought Amazon stocks at $150 and you sell them at $350, you are generating capital incomes.

-Rent incomes: it is when some business or a financial instrument generates your incomes, it can be the sales of your company or the interest of a bond.

Finance education

If you have your own business, it’s time to think about how to grow it, sell more and have a good debt.

If you are a professional, think about the same. You are your own business.

You need to investigate more about your incomes, expenses, debt, savings and investments.

Why learn English?

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English has turned into the most important language in the west. For example, most of the information on the Internet is in English, so if you want to learn something, the best way is googling it in that language.

Therefore a lot of jobs require as a must English. So if you want to have the best opportunities in your profession, this is the path that you need to take.

How to learn?

There are a lot of methods like personalities in the world. Each way doesn’t work for everyone. You need to find a method that matches the kind of person you are.

For example, you can pay a private English teacher only for you, join group classes, buy an on-line course, pay for a private English school, watch movies or shows in English, among others!


If you are learning from Youtube videos, shows or movies, you can turn on the subtitles and read the dialogs in English, that could be easier than listening only to the voices without any help. Remember that you can slow down the speed of the video, in that way you will listen to the words not so fast.

If you have an English conversation or meeting at Google Meet and the other person speaks very fast, you can turn on the subtitles to read what the other parts are saying. Is not the best closed caption in the world… but it helps.


Pay attention: when you are studying, at classes, watching a video or just talking in English, you need to be focused. It is necessary when you are learning because your brain isn’t used to the new language. When you become an advanced English speaker, you will not need that kind of concentration.

Don’t search in the dictionary: if you are talking with someone and you need to search a word, don’t do it, because it breaks the conversation thread. Instead, try to explain to the other person (or ask for the explanation) the word that you want to say.


Learning English is an investment of time and effort. If you are determined to do it, you assume a big responsibility to learn it seriously. But it is worth a try because you can improve your profession.

There are a lot of ways to do it, some free, cheap and expensive. Therefore, you have no excuse to complain about the money. But remember: not all methods match everyone, you need to find the way that works for you.

Then what are you waiting for to start?

Why open an e-commerce website if you have an offline shop?

It’s a convenient strategy to have another selling channel, for example: to sell to someone that doesn’t live near your shop or maybe people that prefer to do it online because it’s faster.

Also, it’s good for your business because you can improve your marketing techniques: you can make a newsletter and create or participate in special events (like Black Friday).

How to start?

First, you need to analyze the resources that you have: you require at least one person to be in charge of the e-commerce stuff. If you have no employees and you work alone don’t worry, you can carry on by yourself.

Second, you need to choose your technology supplier, there are a lot of flavors that adapt to your organization. For example, if you have a small shop, you can choose a SAS platform such as Tienda Nube (in Latinamerica) or Shopify. These services allow you to create an e-commerce website with all the integrations and plug-ins that you need. If your organization is big or you need custom requirements, you‘ll need your own platform. In this case, you can use a CMS like Magento or Prestashop and do the specific modules that you need to customize it.

Some recommendations

Don’t use a platform that doesn’t fit your company. For example, if you are working by yourself, please choose a SAS service, you’ll appreciate my advice.

If you need your own platform, choose carefully your technology supplier. If you can, hire at least one programmer with experience in that CMS.

Successful cases

We don’t need to search for examples because they are in real life! You can see them! Look at your competitors, almost all of them opened an e-commerce website if they didn’t have it. Why are they doing it? Because is profitable and they need it to continue being competitive.


Remember: in the future, online commerce will blow up traditional offline shops. You need to start working today. Therefore, it is a convenient strategy to start checking it out right now.

We give you the main points of an e-commerce strategy, what are you waiting for to create your website?

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