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How to deal with smart contacts coding for the first time?

What is a smart contract?

It is a piece of code that executes in the blockchain. It is useful when you want to have a decentralized application, for example, to avoid censorship.

How can help me this article?

This short guide is recommended for programmers how want started with smart contracts and wants to do small tests like a ‘Hello world’. You should know a little bit what is a blockchain network, a wallet and a smart contract.

How to start coding?

The first step in a new technology is to create our first “Hello world”. If you would like to do a test you can check this tutorial out (Spanish). You can use the example that it shows on the Remix or clone the same from Github.

How to get eth on a test network?

You can try to use the same network as the video, RInkeby, but it didn’t work for me! Therefore we will use Ropsten.

First, enter to and paste your address (which it needs to be from that network)

Second, hold on for a few minutes and you will receive some eth!

Visual Studio Code

Let’s say that you have got the code done with that youtube video example, but it codes all of it in a web IDE! We want to code it in Visual Studio Code!

First of all, you need to install the plug-in “Ethereum Remix”.

Second, you need to install Ganache that it should act as a blockchain to development:

npm install ganache@alpha –global

Third, run it:


Ready! You’ll see something like the following screenshot, pay attention to the port at the bottom:

Fourth, put the Ganache address in the input box and deploy it:

You are ready to code smart contracts on localhost and develop incredible things on the blockchain!

How to deal with English interviews as a software developer

Did you arrange an appointment with a recruiter? First of all, congratulations! This is the first step. In this article you will receive a lot of advice about how to deal with interviews in IT.

Types of interviews

There are a few different interviews. Usually you will have first the Human Resources interview where you will talk about your current and previous experiences, expectations on your next job, but always without any technical detail.

Usually the next one is the technical interview, in which you will talk about specific details from the technology in the job that you are applying for.

You do need to know before the interview what kind it will be. You can just ask the recruiter or better search in Linkedin the profile from the people that are in the appointment. If the person is a programmer, there is a 99% probability that he will ask you technical questions. If he is a team leader or project manager, it will probably be similar to a HR person.

What I should do?

This is a remote interview, but you need to look well as a normal one. Therefore, brush your hair and use a pretty t-shirt or shirt and the most important thing: practice the normal questions that the recruiters ask in that type of interviews, but first of all figure it out if the interview will be a technical one or a HR. If it is a technical one, try to learn the most important things about that technology and ask your friends that use it what questions the recruiters asked them. Maybe it sounds weird: but the companies ask similar questions.

What I shouldn’t do?

Never talk bad about your coworkers, bosses or companies. It sounds rude and they will think that you will do the same to them.

Don’t be nervous: a few times I felt like that and I wasn’t sure if I had been relaxed I would have passed the interviews.


In my experience there are a lot of latin american recruiters and that kind of person starts the interview in Spanish and asks you only a few questions in English. But you need to figure out from what country he is from, if he is from Bielorusia, be sure it will be in English.

Top 3 Most common questions to test your English:

Do you have any hobbies?

Can you tell me about the projects that you were working on?

Why are you looking for a new job?


You don’t know how the interview will be, but if you study the most common questions, you will be more prepared. You will increase your success rate if you prepare for it.

Don’t end your preparation only with this article, look for others to study better.