A typical issue with contractors

How to deal with contractors?

It is really common to deal with contractors in all the different companies in which you’ll work.

Today I want to talk about a specific case. I didn’t think of a name for it, but we can call it “those 2 contractors never will get along well”. I like to talk about this during professional situations, but it can take place during other moments of your life (eg: friendship).

Hey Marcos! What are you talking about? Are you crazy?

Are you saying that 2 contractors can’t be team players? Can’t I have a team with 2 contractors? Our teams are dead?

No, no, no! You didn’t finish reading the article! Please don’t come up with imaginary conclusions.

Then, Marcos, when I shouldn’t introduce 2 contractors?

In my experience I came about with the following situations in which 2 contractors won’t work in a real team:

-When both do the same task in different companies that are competitors because they‘ll try to “sell” more services to you (the client)

-When you have a contractor and you hire another one to take its place and the first one doesn’t want to be replaced

-When both have got the same personality

-When one of them has got a conflicting interest

-When the position needs an individual attitude and the workflow can’t be split into two parts

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