Tasks Delegation

Hey! Do you figure out that you can’t do more tasks? Are you thinking of taking more customers/projects but you can’t because you are full of work? Do you need to fix some issues that you don’t know how to do it?

Check out this article, it was created with a person like you in mind.

Common issues

When you don’t delegate the tasks in a proper way you usually have a lot of issues: tasks done in a way that you didn’t want, poor quality, incomplete projects, ghost contractors, unnecessary costs, etc.

Let’s check out the first one: tasks are done in a different way than you want. It’s really common that the contractors do the task in their way because they are people and they like to do whatever they want, in the deep of their souls they hate receiving orders from another person. Because of that, you need to explain really well the task, if you can give some examples of a correct work and an incorrect one it can help a lot. But the common issue occurs when you think that you give “the best explanation in the whole world” and they fail. This is not your fault, it is more common than you think. Use this bad experience to teach, use this mistake as an example for that contractor or for the next.

A mistake is not a total failure without a solution. Everything has a solution. If a contractor fails, it’s an opportunity to learn, not to get mad or angry.

Common mistakes

The most common mistake is to think that the contractor makes mistakes on purpose. Most professionals want to do the job in the best way, they want to be productive and make you happy with their job, and they want to have a good experience.

You need to have this mindset. With this, you will have really good solutions to help them to do the best job.

Another common mistake is to “fire” or “change” the contractor. If you change a person that really can do the job and he did a lot of mistakes, he is a professional with a lot of experience in your project, so if you fire him you will lose that knowledge, that is learning. If you fire a person you should be 100% sure the person is the problem and he has not got any solution, and you have tried everything you can.

Common solutions

Save photos, videos, or whatever you have about the contractor’s work, to have documentation about common mistakes, and create from the first moment a simple “manual” of the position. Just add their examples and an introduction to the job. It can help a lot with the new ones.

Give a mission: when fair soldiers don’t have any communication with their leaders, they need to act fast, without errors, without asking their mates, so the General give them a general instruction (eg: “check out if there are spies in that hill” or “rescue all the kids from that school full of terrorists”), with this the General forget about having hundreds of questions from their soldiers and they don’t get stuck when they have a “surprise” or something unplanned.

The correct Mindset

I told you before is that a correct mindset is to think that they want to do a good job. You can add this: you should be a teacher and be “the king of the patience” because you will need it.

Dealing with people could be really stressful, and you should be prepared, so, you need to “save energy” and don’t waste 100% of it on another task.


Tasks delegation is really a psychological task: you need tons of patience and teaching skills. It can be really frustrating at the beginning, but these are the first steps to having a successful project.

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