Don’t follow up the trends when you are “picking out” a career

Why I shouldn’t follow up on the trends?

Working in a profession that is the last trend in the market could sound fantastic: everybody looks up to you and your friends ask around about how is been the new “master of the universe”.

But choosing your career is a very important decision. You need to think in long term and working in the last trend only can be a good choice if you do it in a short term.

My point is that when the trend picks up another career and the market removes all the companies that work on that, your job will die out.

But if the trend created a new industry maybe it will not disappear, probably you will have thousands or maybe millions of people competing with you and what is it means? Over offer.

How can I outlive in an industry that has much more competitors than before?

Perhaps you started out your career a lot of time ago and today it turns into a trend. There are a few tips to be competitive:

-Don’t bid the same value purpose as everybody, try to differentiate (eg: your experience, specialization in technology, or an industry)

-Don’t be a commodity: when you started to feel that you are selling cheap services, it is time to apply the previous tip

-You can create your own company: having your own business gives you a lot more flexibility and you can pass out to another industry when you feel that the first one is not more profitable.

-Turns yourself into a consultor: if you have got a lot of experience in an industry, a product, or a technology you can start giving out advice to other people, or companies.

What do I need to know if I haven’t chosen my career?

Try to don’t pick up a mature industry, it is full of competitors with experience and all the customers will choose them because they have got tens of years in the market.

This doesn’t count if you have got a disruptive idea to reinvent the market, I mean, if you apply the technique of the “blue ocean”, don’t listen to me. But recall that if you will move into the “red ocean” you will not have real success.

The other good possibility is to start in a new industry that has got a few developments.


Following up the trend could be a good idea if you have got strategic thinking that it will have over demand of companies. But you have in mind that if you don’t do it, you will be using a long-term strategy in a short-term career.

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