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Why open an e-commerce website if you have an offline shop?

It’s a convenient strategy to have another selling channel, for example: to sell to someone that doesn’t live near your shop or maybe people that prefer to do it online because it’s faster.

Also, it’s good for your business because you can improve your marketing techniques: you can make a newsletter and create or participate in special events (like Black Friday).

How to start?

First, you need to analyze the resources that you have: you require at least one person to be in charge of the e-commerce stuff. If you have no employees and you work alone don’t worry, you can carry on by yourself.

Second, you need to choose your technology supplier, there are a lot of flavors that adapt to your organization. For example, if you have a small shop, you can choose a SAS platform such as Tienda Nube (in Latinamerica) or Shopify. These services allow you to create an e-commerce website with all the integrations and plug-ins that you need. If your organization is big or you need custom requirements, you‘ll need your own platform. In this case, you can use a CMS like Magento or Prestashop and do the specific modules that you need to customize it.

Some recommendations

Don’t use a platform that doesn’t fit your company. For example, if you are working by yourself, please choose a SAS service, you’ll appreciate my advice.

If you need your own platform, choose carefully your technology supplier. If you can, hire at least one programmer with experience in that CMS.

Successful cases

We don’t need to search for examples because they are in real life! You can see them! Look at your competitors, almost all of them opened an e-commerce website if they didn’t have it. Why are they doing it? Because is profitable and they need it to continue being competitive.


Remember: in the future, online commerce will blow up traditional offline shops. You need to start working today. Therefore, it is a convenient strategy to start checking it out right now.

We give you the main points of an e-commerce strategy, what are you waiting for to create your website?